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Cleaning Services for Schools, Colleges and Universities

When you’re operating a school campus, you don’t just have a responsibility for the education of your students – you’re responsible for their wellbeing and safety, too. Your school cleaning services form an essential part of the safeguarding process, as it helps protect students (and staff) from dangerous bacteria, pathogens and trip/slip hazards. Regardless of the type of educational establishment you operate, you’re going to need a commercial cleaning company to keep your facility safe, healthy and clean – and that’s where we come in.

Facility Cleaning for Schools, College and University Campuses

To achieve the best possible grades of cleanliness, you’re going to need a trustworthy team that understands the cleaning requirements of your school. Our operators work with your school to develop a cleaning schedule designed to eliminate risks and facilitate the running of a healthy learning environment. Whether you run a kindergarten, grade school, community college or university, our professional team is on-hand to keep classrooms, hallways, recreation areas, lunch facilities and staff rooms clean. This ensures both students and staff have maximum protection.

Healthy Classrooms, Better Learning

Our cleaning team uses high-quality chemicals and systems to protect students against 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 (Coronavirus), MRSA, Norovirus and H1N1. Our non-irritant, non-toxic cleaning solution eliminates pathogens from practically all surfaces, including some of the most common areas for germ transferral like computer keyboards, door handles, and desktops. We utilize equipment and technology such as electrostatic sprayers to apply hospital-grade disinfectants to targeted surfaces in the most efficient way possible.

Bathroom Disinfecting

Bathrooms are one of the easiest places for germs to multiply. To combat this, our cleaning experts have a special focus on restroom cleaning, which involves high-coverage methods that deliver a deep clean wall-to-wall, using proven strategies to eradicate bacteria in the most high-risk areas.

Safe and Tidy Floors

Whatever type of flooring your school has, you can rely on our facility cleaning and disinfectant cleaning services for schools and higher education to ensure walkways are kept hygienic, slip-free, clutter-free, safe and sanitized. From carpet steaming to safe disinfecting of linoleum and wood flooring, our solutions are second-to-none.

Education-Friendly Cleaning

We use vacuums fitted with quiet-cleaning technology. This makes it easier for students to concentrate while we make your school a safer, tidier and more appealing environment for pupils to learn. In addition to this, we also use HEPA filters to improve the air quality of your school. It’s a fact that better air quality has been linked to an increase in educational performance.

Clean and Green

Our cleaning operators respect the environment, which is why we use products and cleaning strategies that won’t increase the carbon footprint of your school. Instead, we choose natural solutions where possible to provide a high quality clean with eco-friendly credentials.

Regulatory Compliance

We meet the most stringent of compliance standards and regulations, including those established by the OSHA and CDC. We’ll also make it easy for your school members to identify our staff, as we wear full uniforms complete with prominent name tags. This helps keep everybody safe onsite.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our professional school cleaning solutions are covered by a service guarantee, which ensures you’ll be completely satisfied with every aspect of our job. The cleanliness of your school is our priority, and we’ll always deliver an A-grade clean. If you have any issues with our standards, we’ll do our best to correct things within a single business day.

For more information on how our cleaning service for schools and higher education facilities could help bring a shine to your establishment, simply get in touch with us today. A member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and outline the services we can provide to ensure your school is as clean and healthy an environment as possible.

Experienced Staff

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