commercial cleaning high level

Experts in High-Level Cleaning Services

PROimage Facility Services provides expert high-level cleaning services regardless of your ceiling's height. Our commercial cleaning team follows safety and ladder best practices to thoroughly clean hard to reach places, including ceilings, fans, high-up windows and light fixtures, and more. Prior to starting work, we carefully plan what's needed to ensure we cover all high-level areas.

We clean the following high-level areas:

Ceilings and ceiling fans

Ceiling tiles and rails

Light fixtures and chandeliers

Windows, blinds, and shades

Air ducts and vents

Embedded speakers and intercoms

And more

Ensuring a Clean and Hazard-Free Environment

Ceilings and walls are regularly exposed to a variety of dirt, dust, cooking oils, and other containments, oftentimes creating health hazards in your facility. To ensure your guests, visitors, and employees are breathing clean air, you need an experienced commercial cleaning company to inspect and clean every inch of your building's ceiling. With 17 years of commercial cleaning experience, you can depend on PROimage Facility Services for your high-level cleaning needs.

Great Value

With our competitive pricing, you’ll receive great value from our commercial cleaning services.

Experienced Staff

Our professionally experienced cleaning staff is ready to work with you to streamline your cleaning initiatives.

Fast Service

Our cleaning staff is always ready to work with you.

Best Equipment

We use reliable equipment to ensure a smooth and quality-oriented cleaning process.