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Detroit Industrial Cleaning by PROimage Facility Services

PROimage Facility Services provides full-service Detroit industrial and warehouse cleaning for manufacturing and supply chain environments. Our Detroit commercial cleaning team uses a process-driven approach prior to the start of each industrial cleaning project. We fully inspect your facility and develop a plan to ensure we cover all aspects of your building - from ceilings, floors, and inventory shelves to loading docks, storage units, and beyond.

Warehouse Cleaning for Detroit Companies

We clean the following areas in your warehouse facility:

Facility floors: We use the latest equipment, solutions, and processes to ensure your warehouse floors are clean

Loading docks: Keeping your loading docks clean helps create a safer workplace – for truck drivers and warehouse workers.

Storage units: Our team works diligently to clean dust, dirt, grime, and other containments located on shelves and your product inventory.
Restrooms: We clean and disinfect warehouse restrooms. Warehouse employees will certainly appreciate restrooms that are consistently cleaned.

Our goal is to create a safer workplace at your warehouse facility. We do that by applying best practices in commercial cleaning, and by following Michigan OSHA regulations. Ready to create a safer workplace? Request information to learn more about your warehouse cleaning options.

Experienced Staff

Our professionally experienced cleaning staff is ready to work with you to streamline your cleaning initiatives.

Great Value

With our competitive pricing, you’ll receive great value from our commercial cleaning services.

Fast Service

Our cleaning staff is always ready to work with you.

Best Equipment

We use reliable equipment to ensure a smooth and quality-oriented cleaning process.