The ultimate goal of personal protective equipment (PPE) is to ensure the health and safety of your workforce. PPE has gained peerless achievement as a safety tool, and in more recent times, it is known to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and airborne diseases, including the novel coronavirus (covid-19). 

There are multiple industries that benefit from the use of PPE-related solutions, including retail shops, healthcare clinics and the common office space. These solutions are designed to reduce cross-contamination and stop the spread of airborne germs, like the novel coronavirus. PPE also helps reduce workplace-related accidents, improves the health condition of employees and paves the way towards a safer work environment. 

How Face Masks Can Help Improve Workplace Safety Amid COVID-19

PPE is a crucial component of protecting staff members and patients from covid-19 cross-infection. Equipment like face shields, face masks, and respiratory protective equipment all can ensure the health and safety of your workforce. In the time of the coronavirus pandemic, face masks are necessary to protect your workers from saliva droplets of someone who may be infected with the virus. Surgical masks and N95 respirators are both helpful in preventing the spread of covid-19. To ensure these are used effectively, the masks must be well fitted, leaving no room for gaps or open spaces. 

The Role of Sneeze Guards During the Pandemic

The best-known benefit of sneeze guards is that it offers efficient protection against the covid-19 virus. Sneeze guards are helpful in situations where safe social distancing can’t be achieved and it helps to limit the spread of pathogens. Institutions ranging from brick and mortar stores to post offices make use of sneeze guards as a preventive measure against the highly contagious covid-19 virus. Although sneeze guards are not medical devices, they have the qualities of PPE contributing to transmission slowdown. Sneeze guards offer an extra layer of safety to customers and employees of a business organization. 

Sneeze guards have become the talking point of the town in the contemporary age thanks to the benefits it offers. Installing sneeze guards, and wearing face shields, illustrates an organization’s commitment to its staff members and the general public. Sneeze guards have become another new icon of the pandemic just like face surgical masks and gloves. It functions as an effective reminder to use proper hygiene to prevent the spread of airborne viruses. 

The usage of sneeze guards has become common in the retail and hospitality industries that are hard hit by the pandemic. Sneeze guards made of polycarbonates have many distinct advantages over their counterparts and they can be cleaned with great ease. Plexiglass sneeze guards have become absolute essentiality in places where people work in close proximity. Sneeze guards and desk protection screens have become a very favorable solution for workplaces during these unprecedented times.

Working with PROimage Facility Services

When you work with PROimage, our Detroit commercial cleaning comes prepared with the right cleaning products and PPE gear. Our staff wear masks and gloves and use a 360 disinfection (electrostatic disinfection) approach to wiping out all germs and viruses. All of our commercial cleaning crew keep their masks and gloves on while completely disinfecting and cleaning your workplace from covid-19. Let us help you ensure a clean and healthy workplace – contact us to get started today.