Get Serious About Chemical Safety

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Get Serious About Chemical Safety

 Because most janitorial industry professionals work with cleaning chemicals every day—both at work with customers and at home—some have developed a nonchalant attitude toward them. Plus, the general adoption of green cleaning has exacerbated this attitude in some cases because many cleaning professionals have the mistaken belief that green chemicals are always safe to use.

  It is true that when used properly, both conventional and green cleaning chemicals are relatively safe. However, these products are not always properly handled, and accidents can and do happen.

 The U.S. Department of Labor continues to classify cleaning and custodial work as high-risk jobs, mainly because of the many accidents involving chemicals that occur each year (Note: PROimage Facility Services has never had an accident involving chemicals). It is estimated that six out of every 100 custodians in the United States experience a job-related injury each year caused by exposure to cleaning chemicals (Note: PROimage Facility Services has had none in our many years of doing business). These often include eye injuries, many of which are irreversible. Other injuries are typically skin related (e.g., burns) or are the result of inhaling chemical fumes.

What makes us different?

 Ironically, green chemicals are sometimes even more dangerous than conventional chemicals because they are delivered in such highly concentrated forms. While being packaged in higher concentrations makes green chemicals more sustainable due to the inherent reduction in fuel, transportation, and packaging needs, it also makes them very powerful and therefore potentially dangerous.

Our chemicals enter your site already pre-diluted so our employees are never mixing chemicals or dealing with highly concentrated chemicals on site. This eliminates the possibility for a lot of the accidents mentioned above. That is just one of the things in our chemical safety program. Below is a brief overview of our chemical safety program.

Our Chemical Safety Program

  • We have complete records of all cleaning chemicals used, including container sizing and where they are stored, and the potential hazards of and precautions necessary for each specific chemical.

  • We maintain material safety data sheets (MSDS) for each chemical used.

  • Chemicals are stored in well-ventilated areas away from HVAC intake vents. This will prevent chemical fumes from spreading to other areas in a facility.

  • Bottles and containers clearly display safety signage in multiple languages or images that quickly conveys possible dangers and precautions related to the chemicals.


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