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The Role of pH in Cleaning

The Role of pH in Cleaning

pH can be your friend or foe, depending on how you use your cleaning agents


When chemicals are dissolved in water, the mixture can become either acidic or basic (alkaline).Vinegar and lemon juice are acidic substances, while laundry detergent and ammonia are basic.With a pH of 7.0, pure water is neutral. Acid and basic are two extremes that describe the property of a chemical, such as how hot and cold are used to describe the two extremes of temperature.

Figure A

Figure A

pH (potential of hydrogen) is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a substance when dissolved in water. Just as degree is used to measure precise temperature, pH gives us the precise measurement of acidity or alkalinity.
Extremely acidic or basic materials are called “reactive”, and can cause severe burns. They are very aggressive and corrosive. Examples include automobile battery acid which is very acidic, and drain cleaner, which is very alkaline.

pH can be very good at cleaning certain types of soils but that same chemical can damage other materials. The following is a table showing what types of soil that can be cleaned at a certain pH as well as the damage it can do to certain materials.


Table A

Table A

“The pH value can have a direct effect on cleaning effectiveness.”

   An acid solution for example is needed to remove metal oxide, such as rust, and an alkaline solution may be needed to clean a heavily soiled, solution-dyed olefin carpet in a rental unit. A close to neutral pH is needed to clean wool, silk or stain resistant fibers.

Removing Stains

The pH scale is very helpful in removing stains. Using a cleaner with an opposite pH (relative to the stain) can be used to neutralize and remove the stain. A certain number of set stains cannot be completely removed with a universal spotter. The use of specialized spotters is dependent entirely on the composition of the soil. In other words, we need to know what the spot is before we can effectively remove it with a specialized spotter. The following table shows a few examples of stains that can be neutralized with a specialized spotter.

Table B

Table B

In general Acids can be used to clean mineral deposits, such as: iron stains, lime build-up, uric acid stains, rust, scale, water spots, and soap deposits. Alkalies can be use for most common forms of soil: including food stains, oils, and baked-on grease.

Here at PROimage Facility Services, Inc. we would like for everyone to be familiar with the standard chemicals and ph scales. In our facilities we use all of these steps and procedures to guarantee a detailed as well as clean environment.


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Janitorial Services Save Companies in Employee Costs

Professional Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Save Companies in Employee Costs

The correlation between a commercial cleaning company and the attendance of a business that employs this company can be empirically quantified in that sick leave and illnesses can be significantly curtailed. A good janitorial service company that takes the extra precautions to not allow the spread of bacteria and germs within a work environment can make a huge difference to a company’s employee costs.

Sick leave within a corporation or office building environment can be a significant expense that a company and business must absorb. Although these are days that are included in the employee benefits, they are still days that detract from a company’s productivity and can even create an exponential effect amongst many.

A commercial cleaning company that does the extras in order to segregate its waste and germ contamination factors, is one that protects its clients and in the long run, adds to their bottom line. So many cleaning companies overlook the simple issues such as moving from bathroom to bathroom with the same buckets and mops doing harmful damage to the workplace by the “non-elimination” of harmful bacteria that only festers and spreads throughout a workplace.

The answer and solution to such a quandary is simple yet arduous to execute. The bottom line is that it is easier to not be as sanitary and meticulous because it is in fact more work and more time. State of the art chemicals and cleaning materials are always evolving which good cleaning companies should stay abreast of. Armed with the latest materials however only makes the janitorial services even more valuable to their clients.

Some machines can actually suck out the dirt and bacteria and hold them until released into a receptacle or area where they are removed from a safe distance that can no longer harm the employees. Additionally, cleaners that enforce training for their employees to learn and study the whys and wherefores in the proper cleaning techniques, makes the supervision of a cleaning company that much easier as well.

This training approach also instills a confidence in its employees who are entrusted to handle the business’ clients effectively. One or two mishaps become quite noticeable and can sever the janitorial service’s customers.

source: www.sbwire.com

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Commercial Cleaning Detroit Michigan

Commercial Cleaning Detroit MichiganIf you would like professional commercial cleaning in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas, please call PROimage Facility Services at (248) 387-1977 today!

Benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service in Detroit, Michigan:

Have you thought about the benefits of your business hiring a cleaning service? It could help your company save time. In addition, you would have a clean office on a regular basis each week. Here are four benefits of your business hiring a cleaning service.

You don’t have to worry about your office being clean.

This is the major advantage of hiring a cleaning service weekly so you don’t have to worry. You know that each week your office will be clean. If you don’t like to clean or don’t want to clean your office yourself or hire an employee then you have a perfect good reason to hire a cleaning business. You will be able to relax each week while the cleaning company cleans your office. You won’t have to be concerned about personally cleaning your office each week. You don’t have to hassle with cleaning your office each week since the cleaning company will do it all.

It saves your company time and saves additional money.

You don’t have to hire an employee, but yet you just hire an cleaning company weekly. It saves your company time each week. In addition, you won’t have to dish out extra money each week for an employee to clean the office. Cleaning your office won’t have to be on your mind each week. You could save even additional money by signing a contract with the cleaning company. Most companies usually give a discount with a year long contract.

Your office building will be even more healthy for you and your staff.

You and your staff will be healthy each week. You will notice the difference in having a clean office each week compared to having a messy office each week. Overall, it is healthy for everyone who works or visits to have a clean office. You will have less problems such as allergies due to most of the dust being gone out of your office.

It will impress your clients.

A clean office will always leave a good impression with your clients. If your office is clean each week then it shows that you care about your office looks to other people. The clients think that your company office is clean and that your company cares about being healthy. Your clients will brag to their friends and family including everyone else they know about how clean your office building is all the time. Most people do notice how clean an office building is on a regular basis.

If you would like more information about commercial cleaning in Detroit, Michigan and nearby areas, please contact PROimage Facility Services at (248) 387-1977 for more information.